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The Black Feather Group's current recovery and resettlement effort was born from an attempt to evacuate an Afghan interpreter (and his family) who served gallantly alongside US Special Operations teams for many years in combat operations.

This man, Aziz, served with distinction and is an honorable, courageous man who served his country and saved the lives of many US Servicemen. The close bonds forged during his exemplary service were the driving force behind The Black Feather Group's formation. This continues to inspire us to help those victims of violence and conflict. 

We believe all people can embrace who they are,
can define their own future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Black Feather Group was established to provide humanitarian assistance to victims of war, disaster, famine, and epidemics in the world's most troubled regions. We execute logistics and support functions for critical relief operations for the impoverished, distressed and underpriveleged, while defending human and civil rights according to international law. The Black Feather Group as a 501(c)3 will work with donors, other humanitarian non-governmental organizations and international government entities to provide material, monetary and service support where feasible.


Our Vision

Our vision is to bring humanitarian support to victims of violence and conflict so they may thrive in a safe environment where all people have the ability to live a life free from injustice

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